Every time I turn on the TV it’s some new controversy around the Presidential candidates.  Seriously, America has turned into a Jerry Springer episode.

The lying and scandals are a daily occurrence and Americans are buying into it.  The byproduct is friends fighting on Facebook, families fighting at the dinner table, racial divide, gender divide, and downright violence erupting in America.

It’s all quite sad.  And while this is happening, corruption only seems to grow and our kid’s future becomes more bleak.  If you hit the pause button and take the time to think about it for just one moment you might ask the same question that I have asked myself.

“Is this all done by design?” and the answer I keep coming up with is “yes”.  We are being manipulated.

We are distracted as a nation.

As long as we continue to fight as a population, the elites controlling Washington will continue to get their way.

While the Executive branch led by the President is important, no one is even talking about what is going on in our Legislative branch.  Here’s why this is so scary.

Our elected officials in the legislative branch have the power of the purse.  What does this mean?  It means that they make the laws that control our way of life and allocate our money towards what’s supposed to be for our best interests.

Yet our officials spend nearly seventy (70) percent of their time in office fundraising from the very elites and lobbyists that we’re all so mad about.  Here’s where my head goes…

What do our elected officials have to do in return for the money that keeps them in power? 

This is the question we should all be asking.

How did our Reps and Senators have time to read the bills being voting on in Congress if nearly seventy (70) percent of their time is spent on fundraising?

Did they even read the bills at all before their vote, or did their vote hinge on what the groups funding them told them to vote on?  

The next time you get mad about what’s going on in our country, you should pause and ask yourself these questions:

Have I done anything to solve the problem or am I part of the problem?

When is the last time you read a piece of legislation?  And if you did, when is the last time you paid attention to our elected official’s voting record on the bills they are voting on?

If you’re like me, historically you haven’t.  Why?

Because if you’re like me, you’re very busy! Work is crazy and so is your home life.  You are blasted with noise from everywhere.  Emails, Texts, Tweets, Chats, Inmail, Voicemail, Slack, Teamwork, SmartSheet, then after that rush hour traffic, you pick up the kids and take them to sports, you eat, then go to bed… Rinse and repeat, every day.

No breathing room.  No Margin. Over and over again.  You get the point, because this is your life too. 

On top of this confusion, the sensationalized media has a breaking story of who did what and it usually has nothing to do about how our politicians are representing us.

Our politics have become like the magazines on the grocery isle.  Oh yeah, all of this while we have terrorists that may strike at any moment…  And while all of this is going on, if you’re like me, your caught up in it or it’s just too much noise.

Am I mad?  Definitely. 

Then I decided to pause.  I’m worried about the future America for my 9 and 12 year old girls.  What will America be like when they’re 40 years old?

Can you hit the pause button?

Are you capable of taking the blinders off?

Are your kids worth it?

Is our country worth it?

If you answer, Yes, then join us and help us at www.wearethey.us

by Chris Smith

Co-Founder of We Are They Inc.

Twitter: @smith_bc