Our Story


Funny how a walk in the wilderness can clear your mind and inspire you to achieve something bigger than yourself.  That’s exactly how this movement was born. Chris Smith and Nick Cianciolo, had come together in Colorado Springs for a meeting with the US Olympic Committee. They took some time out from their schedule to hike Waldo Canyon, starting out on the trail in search of some fresh air and a chance to talk business. Sure they came out with a business plan, but also the beginnings of an idea that could re-boot our democracy and propel it to the esteemed place it deserves.

The company they formed together became a success as a marketing and technology consultancy helping Fortune 50 companies, US Olympic Team sponsors and others achieve digital marketing goals. But something was missing. Both Chris and Nick felt the desire to create a bigger legacy for their children and the American public-at-large than just a successful enterprise.

That mission found focus in the early days of the current presidential election cycle when acrimony, scandal and divisiveness began drowning out the real issues. During a family discussion, one remark stuck with Nick: “They will fix it.” His retort,  “Who are they?” distilled what had to be done – We Are They. The solution: crowd source democracy and fix it by putting citizens back in the drivers seat. We’re hoping you’ll come along for the ride — it promises to be a journey of historic dimensions.

Abstract map of the United States of America covered by a social network composed of blue people symbols connected together at various sizes and depths on a white background with pixelated borders. Futuristic north american computer and social network background.


The We Are They team is made up of marketing, technology, and media superstars spread across this great nation who come from a bipartisan background — so we know it’s actually possible to work together and get things done. We also know you have to be willing to put some skin in the game to make something happen. So we’ve collectively rolled-up our sleeves to get the ball rolling. For instance, our accounting and law firm – which happens to help some of the largest nonprofit organizations in the country — has pitched in because they believe in our team, our strategy and our passion. As a team, we’ve built hundreds of websites and apps, driven marketing programs that have generated millions of dollars in sales and written articles for some of the nation’s most prestigious media outlets. And now we’re investing thousands of hours and our own money in We Are They because we care for our nation and are concerned for our children and future generations due to the unsettling trends in Washington.  Together, we can do this.