This article is reposted with permission from its author Eric Kinnell – Originally posted on LinkedIn

The morning after is coming and Americans will be waking up feeling like we all lost. In just two short days the 45th President of the United States will be elected after perhaps the most divisive political season in our country’s history. Anger fueled by a struggling economy, war fatigue coupled with a grim look towards the future and individual survival. Debates over email scandals, fitness to be President, economic security, often fueled by misinformation through social media.

Loved ones have separated, people have lost friends and even churches burnt to the ground.

Socrates said “the only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing”, today Tom Brokaw on NBC’s, Meet The Press shared just that. He brilliantly outsmarted the entire panel by noting how massive an impact social media has made during this election cycle. He commented that 50% of Americans are going to wake up Wednesday morning needing a place to go; beyond social media. He outlined the fears and anger that will need a home, but his take did not go far enough. There is another 50% who will also wake up with a similar sense of loss, even though their candidate won. Yes, I said you will wake up feeling like you lost, even if your candidate wins. Americans chose to nominate two Presidential candidates with unprecedented low likability.

Conspiracy theories have blamed the media or suggested outright fraud. Regardless, we have two people where it would be fair to suggest, most will be casting a vote against who they like the least not who they think can better America.

The United States is not so united.

 We all lose yet again, and what happens on 11-09-16 the day after all votes have been cast? This could be perhaps one of the most historical days in our country’s short history. Where do we go, how are our voices heard? Twitter and Facebook only provide personal outlets for our anger, views and often shared misinformation. People are going to need a home, a place to have their voices heard by elected officials. If I could have only been in the ear of Tom Brokaw whispering loudly We Are They!

I had the answer he was looking for.  That place where people can go and actually have an impact.  Where your thoughts get more then a few likes or emojis.

Here in my home state of Ohio, my ballot has already been cast.  My civic duty was fulfilled and I voted for the next President of the United States. Am I excited if my chosen candidate wins, or am I more terrified if they lose to the other?  Definitely the latter. After a long night of watching polls, the media going half-baked nuts, one of two people will address our country and claim victory.  Well hopefully just one, for the sake of our democracy. Yet early Wednesday morning on November 9th, 2016 I will awake with a sense of loss no matter who was elected the 45th President of our great country.

After a long fought battle, most of us will still be completely disconnected from Washington and even further from our perspective elected officials. I know my voice is not often heard.  Policy is made without my opinion ever considered. My personal interests are often not cared for. Sound familiar?

Well, I have come across a new home.  A place where my voice will be heard. We Are They filled with excitement, not fear.  A place where we take back our government. A place where I set my personal politics aside, join in solidarity, with one LOUD voice telling our elected officials yea or nay on various pieces of legislation. This home is like a newborn baby, beautiful and in the making, ready to bloom into the go to place where everyone visits, where you are heard.  A place that goes beyond a post ranting my opinion, but rather a place where my opinion will actually be accounted for. I have found a home for that anger, and invite you inside. It is a place for Tom Brokaw, the oldest yet most wise this morning on Meet the Press; for the struggling family; for all socially economic backgrounds; for college kids, for WE THE PEOPLE, as We Are They. Join a movement that is going to shape the future of our country.

Be heard, drop your blue or red identifiers at the door and be part of a movement that will take back our voices.  Join me at

Wednesday November 9th, 2016 can either be a lonely place or an awakening to join a movement that is beyond oneself. I’ve decided that I will not be waking up a loser, but rather empowered by a movement of like-minded engaged citizens, who are willing to set personal politics aside and take our government back. Your civic duties do not end on election night; you are the “they”, in We Are They.